Carbonless paper rolls are multi-ply rolls that are treated with a layer of dye or ink plus reactive clay that quickly alter one another to create a permanent mark.

These high-quality, absolutely lint-free 2-ply cash register rolls are perfect for credit card machines because they instantly print two sets a merchant copy and a customer copy to help create cost-effective, highly efficient transactions even in the most high-volume atmospheres.

When you need quick, hassle-free printing of multiple receipt copies, our 3-ply paper rolls are the answer.These paper rolls deliver the most accurate printing possible without the need for added materials.Self-contained carbonless paper can be used in dot-matrix.

Multiply NCR paper
Main size: 76mm x 76mm - 2ply, 3ply // 76mm x 65mm - 2ply, 3ply // 57mm x 57mm - 2ply, 3ply // 44mm x 76mm - 2ply, 3ply
Widely used in restaurants & hotel.

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