Suzhou Xiandai Paper Production Co., Ltd is a professional thermal paper roll manufacturer. Our paper roll products deliver high performance and compatibility in transaction printers while minimizing total cost of ownership. When used with your point of sale or ATM printer, our products deliver consistently high-quality printing that's quiet, accurate and quick.

Because of the durable and high-quality construction of thermal paper, it can be used with ATM machines, cash registers, credit card machines, parking kiosks, mobile printers and any other device that used to deliver consistent, accurate proof of purchase. Especially our BPA-free and phenol free rolls give you the sturdy and robust printing you rely on without harmful and toxic chemicals that can threaten your employees' and customers' health and well-being.

Thermal paper is a special paper type that is manufactured with specialty coating that aids in inkless printing. On application of heat to the coating, a clear image is formed on the paper with no requirement for ribbons or inks. It provides high-definition images that stay intact for a long time and therefore are reliable and more useful for important documents.

Currently China is one of the greatest manufacturers, suppliers of thermal paper rolls. Our company, as one of the leaders in the thermal paper industry has many sizes,for example:80mm,76mm,57mm,etc.

Thermal paper rolls for Epson, Star, Micros, Citizen..
Thermal cash register paper for Sharp, Casio, Royal..
POS Paper for Verifone, Hypercom, Nurit, First Data
Selling to over 60 countries, more than 100 000 shopes use our paper.
Getting a quote at or +0086 15206212851

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