Carbonless paper rolls are multi-ply rolls that are treated with a layer of dye or ink plus reactive clay that quickly alter one another to create a permanent mark.

These high-quality, absolutely lint-free 2-ply cash register rolls are perfect for credit card machines because they instantly print two sets a merchant copy and a customer copy to help create cost-effective, highly efficient transactions even in the most high-volume atmospheres.

When you need quick, hassle-free printing of multiple receipt copies, our 3-ply paper rolls are the answer.These paper rolls deliver the most accurate printing possible without the need for added materials.Self-contained carbonless paper can be used in dot-matrix.

Carbonless Continuous Paper, also known as computer paper sheet, is made from NCR (no carbon required) paper,mainly used for receipt printer or dot matrix printer, it usually has many copies. The purpose of many copies is it can be kept by many parties. For example, when you check out in the hotel, the bill can be printed on the NCR paper, the customer can take away one copy, the font desk can keep one copy, and the hotel owner can inspect the financial condition by the copies.

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