Thermal label products are widely used in packing, shipping, identification, office, retail, equipment, containers, cartons ,almost every industry will use label roll products.

Our products will actually save you even more money compared to the office store branded products on address labels, CD labels, ink-jet labels and laser printer labels. If you are mailing large quantities of letters that require address labels or printing promotional material in house that require laser labels please try our line of laser and ink-jet printer labels to see the benefit of quality products sold at fair prices.

Thermal direct label, thermal transfer label, removable label, airport luggage tag.
Main sizes :
1. 53.975mm x 536.575mm-180pieces/roll
2. 48mmx28mm-2000 pieces/roll
3. 98mmx98mm-680pieces/roll
4. 80mmx61mm-1500 pieces/roll
and others per customer need.
Widely used in airport, supermarket & different shops.

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