Well-suited for a wide variety of electronic printing devices, our bond paper rolls are commonly used in commercial settings because they provide an incredibly durable, high-performance surface for a huge array of POS and business printing applications, like cash registers, calculators, credit card machines and more. The surface has been treated to deliver smudge-free, crisp printing each and every time. These rolls suit a huge array of POS system models, including brands like Citizen, Epson, Ithaca, Omron, Star, Triton and many, many more.

Bond paper rolls look like ordinary white paper, it is also known as non-thermal paper or offset paper. Each bond paper roll can be ordered in your choice of configuration. We are bond paper manufacturer in China.

Whether you're looking for a single roll of bond paper or a multipack, our selection is sure to include what you need. Bond paper that will help make your business stand out,'s variety of commercial POS printing supplies is sure to help your business run smoothly.

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