Our ATM receipt paper rolls are mainly made from high-quality thermal paper that relies on cost-effective, heat-activated chemicals. High-sensitivity thermal ATM paper offers clean, crisp images at a wholesale price. This thermal ATM paper is an ideal choice for banks, credit unions and self-service ATMs.

We are atm paper supplier in China. We also offer unique custom ATM receipt paper rolls that are beautifully printed with your business' logo, motto or address. A fantastic way to promote your financial institution, custom ATM paper can be personalized with color graphics advertising coupons, promotions, terms of service and business locations to give customers a portable reference to your service. Our paper rolls are widely used in the hospitality, retail, banking, gas station, credit card processing and medical industries.

ATM paper is fast to install, easy to maintain, and almost always has more paper on each roll. ATM receipts can help you to keep track of your account balance after a withdrawal.

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