Suzhou Xiandai Paper Production Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of POS paper rolls,computer paper and labels,Your reliable Source ! Established in 1983,Suzhou Xiandai Paper Production Co., Ltd has been initially as a professional manufacturer of computer listing paper.With the times going on and the development of paper and printers,we soon recognised the significant advantages of thermal paper and its widly usage in pos machines or cash register,ATM terminals,and thermal fax machine.

NCR Carbonless Paper Roll & POS Paper Roll

Suzhou Xiandai Paper Production Co., Ltd.’s NCR/CARBONLESS PAPER ROLL incorporate the latest in energy saving technology and design. This provides the assurance of high quality, superior performance products that meet your budget requirements. Every NCR/CARBONLESS PAPER ROLL is backed by our industry leading service, technical expertise and support.

Carbonless paper rolls are multi-ply rolls that are treated with a layer of dye or ink plus reactive clay that quickly alter one another to create a permanent mark.

These high-quality, absolutely lint-free 2-ply cash register rolls are perfect for credit card machines because they instantly print two sets a merchant copy and a customer copy to help create cost-effective, highly efficient transactions even in the most high-volume atmospheres.

When you need quick, hassle-free printing of multiple receipt copies, our 3-ply paper rolls are the answer.These paper rolls deliver the most accurate printing possible without the need for added materials.Self-contained carbonless paper can be used in dot-matrix.

Multiply NCR paper
Main size: 76mm x 76mm - 2ply, 3ply // 76mm x 65mm - 2ply, 3ply // 57mm x 57mm - 2ply, 3ply // 44mm x 76mm - 2ply, 3ply
Widely used in restaurants & hotel.

We are a technology driven company and as a result, we utilize latest technology in the industry and use modern production techniques in the making of our Thermal Paper Roll and NCR/CARBONLESS PAPER ROLL.